A HAPPY LITTLE ONE hétfő, máj 21 2012 

This cutie pie is dressed like a girl but I like to think he’s a boy. He has a lovely mischievous smile.

The picture was taken around 1900. Mai Manó was a renowned and successful photographer of this era.

His atelier is now the House of Hungarian Photographers, it is located in Budapest – Terézváros.


ANGELIC SISTERS kedd, máj 1 2012 

These two cutie pies are my distant relatives, Eva and Cecilia.

The photos were taken in the early 1920’s. I like the innocent, angelic look.

MYSTERIOUS FAIRIES péntek, ápr 6 2012 

I don’t know anything about this picture.

I found it in my Grandma’s album but there’s no marking on it, no date,  nothing. Maybe it was taken in the 1910’s or 20’s.

I assume the girls were dressed for a school play, they look like fairies or princesses to me.

Anyway, I think it’s a lovely photo and a little bit mysterious too.


IN THE GARDEN csütörtök, Már 15 2012 

This is a large photograph mounted on a cardboard, it is unidentified and there’s no indication of who the photographer was.

Judging from the dresses and the mother’s hairstyle it was probably taken around 1900.

I just love the beautiful garden and the whole picture has a nice good ol’ days feeling to it.

FAMILY PHOTO TIME vasárnap, Már 11 2012 

Meet my great-grandfather. I didn’t know him but it seems like he was a nice person, maybe a little strict but fair. His parents came from Germany.

The CdV was taken by a female photographer in Pécs, Hungary, sometime in the early 1900’s.




This cabinet card features a young girl, dressed for Confirmation. She is accompanied with her relatives.

She is identified on the back, her name is Irene Katzber. The lady’s name is Mrs. Vas. We don’t know who the little gentleman is.

This photograph also needed some restoration: I can’t imagine why – maybe because it’s a long format cabinet card – someone folded it right at the faces.

This is what it looked like before restoration:


MY BROTHER WILL PROTECT ME szerda, feb 29 2012 

I think it’s a very lovely photo, big brother is protecting little sis. The girl looks shy. This moment was captured by Oszkár Goetzloff in Sopron, Hungary.

The photograph itself is in bad condition, the surface is very worn. I did some restoring works in Photoshop to make the details more visible. Here are the before-after images:


CONFIDENT vasárnap, feb 26 2012 

In this cabinet card a confident and somehow funny looking gentleman poses for his photograph.

Is it just me or this guy really does have disproportionately big hands?


Photographer is Fred F. Crum – Successor to Smith – he had a photo studio on the corner of Main and Jacob Steets in Penn Yan, New York.


BABY WITH HIDDEN MOTHER szerda, feb 22 2012 

This cabinet card features a very cute baby wearing a beautiful long gown. I can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl. Behind the baby there is a so called hidden mother. This was a common practice during the victorian era – one of the parents or a nanny hiding behind a drape or wearing a cloak to disguise themselves. At least they were trying. It was necessary if they wanted to make sure the baby sits still – the exposure time was relatively long for such a small child.

If you google the expression ‘hidden mother’ you can find some really spooky examples, especially the tintype ones.

Photographer was G. V. Flagg who had both his residence and photography gallery in Seneca Street, Ovid, New York. In October 1874 there was a great fire in Ovid which destroyed – among other businesses – Flagg’s studio. Fortunately he had insurance: $1,000 on building, $1,000 on contents.

THE CZECH SISTERS hétfő, feb 20 2012 

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about these girls and not much about the photographer.  I bought this card in an antique shop in Budapest.

The photographer was Jan Osternik who was in business in Kromeriz (now in Czech Republic)  – back in the days it was also called Kremsier and was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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